Sarah's Path to Silk

We supply our playsilks, capes, fairy dresses, streamers, and other toys to Steiner schools, boutique toy shops and families in the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and many other countries. Silk is natural, renewable and eco-friendly, as is the wood, wool, and cotton we also use in our toys. Pretend play is the foundation for a creative, inspired life and we hope our toys will be a part of your children’s memories.With a vibrancy and enthusiasm for life, Sarah is like summer. That moment after warm rain, when the sky takes on a glow, and you suddenly sense, there might be a rainbow. She is a women who spends her days surrounded by and making the full spectrum of color, with hope that families will receive the blessing of rainbow play. 

For many of us who are raising children, Sarah's Silks are as familiar an item in the home as a beeswax candle or Stockmar crayons. While one may not have met her in person, we all know her a little, for Sarah is exactly like the silks she makes. 

Born in New York City, and raised in Belfast, Maine, Sarah's childhood instilled that imagination play is essential for the well being of children. "I have never seen two children play so much." Her Grandmother would say, as she and her sister anchored their souls in games and make believe. More than a way to fill time, play enhances and preserves life force, and Sarah learnt this from an early age. 

As a young adult she became a nurse and lactation consultant, joined the Peace Corp and travelled to Guatemala. Her days in the Peace Corp were spent assisting childbirth and educating indigenous people about sanitation. “My main goal was to teach them to put the machete in the fire, to sterilize it before they cut the umbilical cord.” Sarah explains.

It was in the Peace Corps that she met Mike her life partner and Dwight, her business partner. Together they bought land and started a farm, Frutas De Mondo (fruit of the world) and many years were spent in Guatemala absorbing the rich prism of hand loomed weaves and tropical fruits.

While in Guatemala, Mike and Sarah started their family. With a baby on the way they decided to move to California. The birth of son Josh greatly defined the role she is in today. As a creative mother she wanted to celebrate Josh’s spirit which involved wearing costumes and putting on performances. With a friend and neighbor Ann Platz, Sarah dyed her first silks in the kitchen sink. These silks were embraced by the local Waldorf community and before long, Sarah was combining the roles of motherhood, working as a doula and dying silks. “What do you call them?” Sarah McDonald of Magic Cabin asked, and Mike came up with the name, playsilks.

Silk is imbued with folklore and stories, the spirit of silk is rich, made so by those that have been a part of the history. From the Chinese empress Leizu who guarded the secret of the silk worms, to the men, women and children, that travelled the silk road, one has a sense, of dedication, value, and importance from the fiber. It can be felt that it was this elemental integrity that drew Sarah to it herself.

A fiber that is strong, fine and lustrous, silk will last when taken care of, but as a natural fiber, it will return effortlessly to the earth. It could be said, that silk can be preserved or decompose for the health of the planet. If one were to know Sarah in person, you would feel the parallel nature between her and the material she has dedicated the most part of her life to. Beyond the virtues of silk, Sarah's penchant for play, make believe and for nurturing creativity has made Sarah’s Silks a meaningful thread in the fabric of many lives.

Thank you for being a part, of the Sarah’s Silks Community. 

by Kirsten Rickert @magnesium_blue