Our Story

We have been making our playsilks and dress ups for 23 years now in our home studio in Sonoma County. Here's a little bit about our silks. 



August 2016

Our latest photo shoot at Summerfield Waldorf school where our children have grown up. Mike and Sarah seated with employees and friends.

We are a small family business in Forestville, CA. Working out of our home, with love for children, creative play and the Waldorf philosophy. 


From 2008:

Sarah Lee, creator of Sarah’s Silks, smiles while reflecting on her oldest son’s early childhood days. “Mom, I am a turtle today. I NEED some green to wear.” “I need some wings to fly today – blue ones!” Or, “Logan is doing a play with me. She is the princess and I am the knight. We need some pink, purple and red colors.”

“First I reached for an old silk scarf. My son loved the smooth, silky feel. (Finally something he didn’t declare itchy!). Soon I found myself dying squares of silks to support his play.”

“I discovered silks serve as wonderful props for almost any make-believe game. I began to think about my fellow Waldorf families searching for natural toys to enhance open ended play, and the idea evolved for a line of silk play items.”

Twenty-two years later, Sarah’s Silks are found in homes across the world.


Silk is a natural fiber and renewable resource. Sarah’s Silks dyes are non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, with no heavy metals.

The silks are easily hand-washed.

Green America recognizes Sarah’s Silks as a “Green America Approved Business” for efforts to create sustainable toys.


Silk is an ancient product of China. Sarah’s Silks are woven, dyed, and hand-hemmed in a small village near Suzhou, a beautiful city long renowned for its silk culture. Sarah and Mike Lee enjoy this rich connection to exotic China and their family’s ancestral heritage.

Family Made

Sarah’s Silks hires Chinese seamstresses who work in their homes, often sitting in doorways, as their children play nearby. Sarah’s Silks offers the seamstresses incentives beyond prevailing wages as well as access to supplemental health insurance as part of their efforts to support the healthy families of their partners across the world.

The hand-hemmed and dyed products travel by ship to Sonoma County, California. Here, women work in their homes to finish sewing, ironing and packaging Sarah’s Silks products.

Sarah and Mike Lee manage Sarah’s Silks from their Sonoma County home, where they continue to raise three boys in the Waldorf tradition. All three of their sons work in the family business by introducing and making string games and scrap bags.

Nurturing the Senses

Sarah’s Silks creates simple, open-ended toys that support growing minds. Developing inner creativity at a young age leads to higher levels of creative thinking in adulthood. When children’s inner creative life is nurtured, they grow into more well-rounded, stronger, and creative contributing members of our society, eager to bring their gifts to the world.

Follow Us to a Silk and Wood Childhood

Sarah’s Silks offers quality playsilks, toys and dress-ups for boys and girls that ignite the imagination, and capture the magical soul that lives in young children.

Join Sarah’s Silks in creating a “silk and wood childhood” for all of the children of the world with simple, unique and beautiful toys.