So what are Playsilks?

Simply put, Playsilks are beautiful, magical toys that any child can enjoy! The simplicity and open-ended nature of Playsilks will unlock the incredible creative potential inside of children, ready to be released.

I believe every family should have a collection of Sarah's Silks. The possibilities are endless! My children can spend hours making costumes, waving flags, watching the silk float in the wind, creating colorful landscapes, and more. As a parent, it's enchanting to watch their imaginations work with such a beautifully simple toy.

Gold Playsilk
Purple Playsilk
Emerald Playsilk
Red Playsilk

Why do children love Playsilks?

Unmatched versatility

A staple in Waldorf & Montessori classrooms, children have been drawn to playing with pieces of fabric for hundreds of years. Playsilks are the natural evolution of these play materials, made with purpose and intention to promote imaginative play in children of all ages.

Open-ended play

Open-ended play materials like Playsilks have no predetermined use, allowing children the freedom to make choices and express their creativity, and encouraging children to add their imaginations to make the toys into whatever they need in their play.

A treat for the senses

Children are drawn to the sensory aspect of Playsilks - from the vibrant colors to the cool, smooth natural fibers that make up Mulberry silk. Feel them brush your skin and enjoy the natural, shimmering waves of their surface.

Active & Outdoor play

Toss, twirl, spin, and dance! Children love utilizing Playsilks in active play and taking them outside. Combine with found objects, watch them float in the breeze, or take them in water for an added sensory experience.

"Many adults ask me what they are for, but children never do. They just pull them out of a basket and start creating!".

-Sarah Lee

A child pulls Playsilks out of a basket
Playsilks stored on a DIY hanger

Why do parents love Playsilks?

Childhood Development

As a versatile, open-ended toy, Playsilks naturally encourage creativity and develop a child’s imagination. Through creative play, children develop inventiveness, curiosity, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, social etiquette skills, and emotional intelligence.

Grows with your child

Playsilks grow with your child’s imagination and allow for new possibilities every day and at every age. Watch your child unlock new creative ideas as their imagination expands!

Sustainably made

Silk is a naturally biodegradable fiber and from raw materials to end product, our silk stays free from harmful chemicals, including toxins and irritants. We partner with EcoEnclose to utilize the latest in eco-friendly packaging, and continually make an effort to move towards a zero waste standard.

Easy to use, easy to store

Playsilks are some of the easiest toys to store - Lightweight natural silk doesn't weight much or take up too much room, making it an ideal toy for traveling and living in small spaces. Store in a basket, drape over a towel bar, pegboard, coat rack, or use Play Clips to attach them to almost anything!

“The best toys are 90% child and 10% toy.”

-Joan Almon

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