• Open-ended

    Playsilks are inspiring, magical toys that children will be drawn to play with time and time again. The simplicity and open-ended nature of Playsilks tap directly into the child’s creative potential.

  • Nourishing the Senses

    Playsilks provide the child with an amazing tactile experience. Silk as a fiber is strong, light, and airy, and will last when cared for. Yet, as a natural fiber, it will return effortlessly to Mother Earth.

  • Growing with the Child

    The open-ended nature of Playsilks allows for a limitless range of play possibilities, and years of lasting play value throughout childhood.

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  • As a creative mother, Sarah wanted to celebrate her sons’ naturally creative spirits, which involved wearing costumes and putting on performances.

  • Sarah dyed her first silks in the kitchen sink. These silks were embraced by the local Waldorf community and before long Sarah was dyeing silks full-time.

  • A Waldorf teacher asked “What do you call them?” And her husband, Mike, came up with the name Playsilks!

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In a rainbow of colors!