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Mystery Grab Bag

Sometimes, our silks have minor cosmetic imperfections such as dyeing and/or sewing flaws. To avoid waste, we create these Seconds Grab Bags at a discounted price!

The Mystery Grab Bag contains 4 Mystery Items whose combined retail value is $59.95 or higher. Some treasures you might receive in a Mystery Grab Bag include: a Skytail, Streamer, Dress-Up Piece, Playclips, Wrist Streamer, or Playsilk.

These bags truly are "grab" bags in that we can't promise any specific item or color. We can promise that we will make each bag with care and use the best colors and variety we have on any given day.


Helpful details: All Seconds items are non-returnable. If you believe that you received the wrong type of Seconds Bag or have questions regarding your purchase, please reach out to our Customer Care team at info@sarahssilks.com.