Dance, juggle, braid, fly & so much more!



Pretend to be in a cocoon all wrapped up then burst into a butterfly

Make red fire from the mouth of a dragon

Dance with one or two 
Use brown as owl  wings
Juggle two or three 
Make a pouch 
Practice tying knots and bow 
Take them on car trips as they pack small 
Tie onto two chairs to make a doll/animal hammock
Hang under a loft bed 
A belt to hold a sword 
Wrap yourself in a rainbow if you feel sad
Attach to your swing so it flows in the wind behind you
Lay them on the ground and jump from one to another-"hot lava”
Braid three to make Rapunzel hair 
Fly it in the wind at the beach like an easy kite
Pretend to be a fashion designer and create outfits
Jump on a trampoline with a playsilk tied on as a cape and watch it fly
Tooth fairy gift
Fashion a tunic by tying two sides over one shoulder
Tie on bike handles and ride 
Blue water moat around a toy castle 
Stuff them in a tissue box or ball with holes and let your child pull them out
Tea Party cloth
Create a tail for yourself (peacock was suggested :)
Wrap up something special, your treasures
Use as color therapy and to learn your colors
Green mermaid tail
Knot into a simple doll
Tie onto a wooden ring as a safe teether
Put it over your head to be a ghost 
Create a reusable "Green" Halloween costume
Dye white playsilks with food coloring or plants
Play charades using only a playsilk to act out the word/character
Tie two together to make genie pants
Play color matching- red playsilk and put all red things on it
Give a playsilk to someone you love ❤️ 
Leave a comment below with your favorite way to play with playsilks and enter to win a set of our new earth playsilks. Winner will be chosen 6/18 at midnight PST 
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