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We're so excited to officially launch something we've been working on for months, a collection of playsilks that marries our goal of promoting imaginative play with our mission of caring for the Earth. We wanted to create a product that instilled mindfulness and care in children from a young age, that let them play freely and creatively while also preparing them to one day be champions and ambassadors for our planet, which is in desperate need of our love now more than ever. 

We felt that playsilks already are, in many ways, the perfect vehicle for encouraging young ones to be mindful of nature's fragility, as silk is a natural fiber that easily disintegrates and returns to the Earth. As children carefully manipulate the soft, delicate silks, let them be reminded to tread gently on Mother Earth's forests and look after her oceans, rivers, and streams. 


We hope this collection of playsilks, tucked lovingly in your child's toybox at home, becomes a soft but constant reminder that we all belong and are connected to the Earth, even on days when life's fast pace makes us feel anything but. And while the playsilks are the perfect way to bring nature's beauty indoors, we encourage you to take them along when you DO find those special opportunities to experience the great outdoors, unplugged and uninhibited, with your little ones.

Take your Forest silk on a day hike and let your child hunt for perfect matches to its deep green hues on the forest floor, or on patches of moss clinging to tree stumps! See if your stone playsilk blends in among the rocks your child finds along the riverbed. 

Tuck your Deep Ocean silk into your child's backpack the next time you go to the beach--they'll love watching it catch the light and the breeze, and seeing it transform and its colors deepen when dipped into the water. 

When your child goes to imagine with their playsilks at home, they'll be reminded of the meaningful adventures that they accompanied them on--the stillness, the loudness, the laughter, the freedom and the connection that they felt with Mother Nature.



Xoxo, Sarah