Children's Work is Play!

Free play, imaginative pretending and having parents who leave time and space for their kids to have freedom to explore are in my experience some of the most important ingredients for enriching childhoods.

I've been so impressed with Mrs. Ewing's children, her mothering and ideas about play. So I asked her if I could share some of her ideas and her kids play here on the blog.

Here is what she has to say:

waldorf families

The toys are kept near where she works so the kids play close to her. They are open ended and beautiful.

This is her daughter playing midwife unicorn, with playsilks green as grass and turquoise as water. Wooden animals and trees complete the scene, with lots of imagination added!


Simple birthdays are the best!

Here is her daughter in her birthday crown and with her beloved new doll!

One or two well loved dolls is better than too many. 

waldorf birthday crown

A dressup basket will be used over and over again!

Here are girls playing pretend butterfly fairies in their fairy skirts.

silk fairy skirts

"Boredom is always there best door to the imagination. At least with my girls, their most in depth and longest times in play have come out of a moment of boredom." ~Mrs. Ewling

grimm's wooden toys 

Adding blocks and wooden animals from makers like Osteimer and Grimm's Wooden Toys adds simple beauty and lots of possibility to the play room.

homeschool Sarah Lee

Also important are nature studies of common items found in the yard, and of course, lots of time playing outside.

Combined with lots of love, healthy meals, and good sleep makes for happy, healthy childhoods!

Family play ideas and photos from @_mrsewlingdrygoods


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We allow the messy parts, playing in the mud and running through puddles. Sand digging and mud pies:)


I have 5 kids ages 9-18mos. We pulled our oldest 3 out of school in March and began home schooling. Now, they spend so much time outside. Today the middle three were in the shady front garden crouched among the rose bushes and weeping cherry willow tree watching a “friendly” spider spin silk around prey he had captured. We bought a rainbow play silk for our 4 year old and a starry sky silk for the baby, and now the oldest 3 say they need their own! They use them to hold toys for “camping,” as super hero capes, to tickle between their toes, and so much more. We love this great toy!

Mandi S.

We have a designated drawer for play silks and dress up accessories thst we get into on rainy days and sunny days!

Terri WHite

We allow and accept messes


We allow and accept messes.


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