Green Halloween!

This Halloween why not chose dressup items your kids will use year round? Playsilks, fairy dresses, wings, crowns, garlands and many more of our items can be combined to create lovely fun costumes. Natural, soft, beautiful silk instead of itchy one time use costumes-eco-friendly and green as silk is an earth friendly fiber. 

Some fun ideas from our Facebook fans: a silk queen, a blue and green peacock, a pumpkin princess, a super fish, a rainbow unicorn, Grandfather Twilight, sea goddess, rapunzel, and a pirate in a tutu.

Leave a comment of an idea you or your child could make out of our playsilks and enter to win a $50 gift certificate to our shop. Random winner will be chosen 10/8 in time to shop for Halloween!

The winner is:

  • She is being the Wicked Witch. She wants to use her purple silk as a cape. We’ll use another silk in my basket so Dorothy can carry Toto.

    Nicole McKinney on 

Congratulations Nicole! Thanks everyone for entering.


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The wonderful thing about playsilks..they can truly be any character ..costume you want! Tie around a gypsy! Drape over your old women… make into a bundle..its your baby…

Debi Cole

My daughters latest idea for Halloween is a mermaid fairy princess ??

Paulina Armstrong

I have a rainbow and blossom enchanted silk- both excellent for turning girls into princesses with glistening capes. A fairy skirt from your shop would be an excellent addition though! ;) Thanks for the giveaway! cheers!

Bethany Page

My big girl is using a white silk and a star silk to be The Star Child. My little girl is being an autumn mermaid… which is mainly a little girl with a bunch of fall colored silks wrapped around her waist ?

Alisha Thibodeau

My son would use your silks for anything! A white silk as a ghost, he loves dressing up as fairies and so he would be an autumn fairy with your wings & fairy skirt! A jellyfish with the silks hanging down as tentacles… There are so many options with silks…. That’s what I love about them!
Thank you for this giveaway! Xxx


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