Magical Playsilks with a Señorita Twist!

Magical Playsilks with a Señorita Twist!

Magical Playsilks with a Señorita Twist!

What do you like about playsilks? 

We would love to hear about how your kids play with silks and pretend.


  • I bought playsilks and capes to use at my daughter’s 4-year dress-up birthday party. She just turned 8, and she still plays daily with everything I bought 4 years ago for costumes, dressup, class performances and toy scene backdrops.

    Emily Marciniak on

  • I love the smooth feel of them, how beautifully they take dyes and so fun to twirl and play with!

    Sarah on

  • They are beautiful and my children love them!

    Callie Tuschen on

  • I am an early childhood music educator and I love using playsilks for music exploration with students and my own children.

    Stacey on

  • We have no play silks at the time but i am saving for one to drape over the playstands. She gets lots of sunlight in her room so i think she will love all the colors and enjoy the silky feel

    Dawn T Flores-Ortega on

  • My boys love silks. The most regular way the use them is to make landscapes for their woodland animal and gnome scenes. But lately my littlest likes to take one end of a large silk while I hold the other end and wrap himself up like a big burrito. I think he loves the feel of the silk and being tightly wrapped up. I hold him on my lap and pretend to take bites of my giant burrito, which causes lots of giggles :)

    Jamie Bennett on

  • I haven’t had a chance to buy your playsilks yet but I’m sure my little ones would live to play peekaboo and go camping under those beautiful rainbow colors ?.

    Zainy on

  • My children play with playsilks every day. They love to use them as capes, picnic blankets, blankets for their favorite stuffed animals, headbands, gloves, masks…

    Yuanyuan on

  • I especially love to travel with play silks. They are dress up and toys providing hours of imaginative fun, and pack down to nothing!

    THerese on

  • We use them to dress up and to decorate forts!

    Gina on

  • My son loves peekaboo!

    MElissa on

  • My boys use them for capes, magic shows, space exploration and fort building, just to name a few!

    Robyn J on

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