Magical Playsilks with a Señorita Twist!

Magical Playsilks with a Señorita Twist!

Magical Playsilks with a Señorita Twist!

What do you like about playsilks? 

We would love to hear about how your kids play with silks and pretend.


  • My son loves to use hem to dress up and to dance around!

    JEnnifer on

  • I love that the play silks allow my girls to use their imagination, they are beautiful, & can be used for so many things from dress up to forts & even gift wrap.

    Rachel on

  • I love how creative play silks encourage kids to be. They come up with 100 ways to use them…most of which never occurred to me. And, that also allows them to be pretty timeless and used for years!

    Tammy on

  • My oldest is 9 now and we’ve had your silks in our home for many years. They’ve had the swords (girls like swords too!) and fairy wings. They’ve built forts and made outfits. I wouldn’t recommend bike riding with a cape on. Just ask my middle son!
    These days, it’s mostly my youngest – a special needs little guy who enjoys them. It’s a sensory thing for him. He likes how they feel, he likes how the world looks when looking through them…

    Jenn VanderPloeg on

  • We love everything about our silks. The colors are beautiful and they feel so nice. Just recently our rainbow baby’s rainbow silk was ripped to shreds by our dog. We would love to replace it!

    Dinora on

  • The simplicity of these brilliant silks is unparalleled. We can use them for everything from representing the elements to transforming into magical creatures. We capture the wind, float on squares of sunlight and dance among moonbeams. The silks bring us closer to nature.

    Lynn on

  • our kids use silks to dress up, make forts, wrap babies and gifts…

    pamela on

  • We love all your playthings! Silks, crowns, skirts – they all get used over and over.

    Lydia on

  • My three girls play with our one blue silk non stop! It amazes me to see how many different ways it gets played with and how something so simple can lend hand to hours of fun, laughter, and creativity.

    Brandi on

  • my kids love your silks! thanks for the chance!

    Liz on

  • Our silks are used constantly, most often as capes but also recently as a playhouse roof, a fox tail, and the top to an Olympic torch!

    Alicia B on

  • My children use their silks for so many things but one of the current top ones is carefull wrapping toys etc in silks and then presenting someone in the fasmily with the ‘gift’

    Ronnie on

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