April's Nature Table

April's Nature Table

April's Nature Table

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April 1st, 2020
"A little seed for me to sow.
A little earth to make it grow. 
A little hole, A little pat.
A little wish, And that is that.
A little sun, A little shower.
A little while, And then,
A flower!"

~ Mabel Watts



OUR APRIL TABLE features a spring pastoral scene set in the vivid colors of the freshly emerging natural life around us.  We used our Sea Playsilk for the lovely spring sky, here on a sunny day though we expect and hope for more rainy days as well to help our spring flowers and vegetable crops!  An Emerald Playsilk sets our growing grass, and a Yellow Playsilk drapes and matches our vase of daffodils, freshly cut from the garden.  Hand-painted and hollowed eggs hung with string from a tree branch portray an image of the brightly budding flowers in our local trees. Always work to be done outside at this time of year, our female wooden figure tends her animals, or perhaps she is Mother Earth coming to greet her animal friends, while soft spring fairies dressed as bunnies emerge under the daffodils.

nature table side by side
Annabelle is wearing a Mini Pink Playsilk in her hair.


Share your nature table inspiration with us in the comment section below to enter to win one of our April Nature Table Seasonal Sets.

The winner will be randomly chosen Friday, April 10th.
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