Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas

Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas

Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas

The Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

March 16, 2020

HERE ARE SOME of my favorite plastic and candy free Easter basket filler ideas to delight your little ones. I hope you enjoy them!

You can also enter our giveaway to win this entire basket! Look for details at the end of this journal entry. 

My Favorite Easter Basket Ideas:

1. Playsilk basket liner

2. Grow your own grass - wheatgrass is easy to do 

3. Wooden eggs - from Etsy

4. Dye your own eggs and Playsilks

5. Little stuffed bunnies and chicks

6. A kite, Skytail or Streamer 

7. Crayons or other art supplies

8. A special book

To enter our Easter basket giveaway, leave a comment below with your favorite candy free and plastic free Easter basket ideas to share with the community.  Open worldwide.   

We will choose a winner 3/25.



  • Spring is a great time for mud pies so I’m thinking of doing small gardening tools, little watering can, and book about mud play. We can then use the basket the find sticks and stones :)

    Sarah Wilson on

  • Having older kiddos now, I like to give seeds, pretty stones, sketch books and pencil crayons, diy felt crafts, and beeswax modeling clay. This year some fort clips will be in the basket ;) I wish we had some wooden eggs, but we just reuse the same tin ones year after year.

    Natalie on

  • Cuddle+Kind or Slumberkins animal
    Rubber bath toys, bath bombs, bath crayons, puzzle, books, wooden eggs

    Marina on

  • Bath bombs, egg shaped chalk, spring themed stamps

    Mira Kaufman on

  • Gardening supplies like seeds, pots, gloves

    Sadie Stehlik on

  • Fruit, seeds, cow or other beloved animal lovie

    Jennifer Moore on

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