Dyeing Rainbow Playsilks & Eggs

Dyeing Rainbow Playsilks & Eggs

Dyeing Rainbow Playsilks & Eggs

Dyeing Rainbow Playsilks & Eggs!

A Simple Craft in Color Mixing

Children love learning about color mixing! As we dye a rainbow Playsilk using yellow, red and blue food coloring, the colors blend to make orange, green, and purple. This project and process will delight both children and adults alike! 


What You'll Need:

  • White Playsilks for dyeing
  • 12 regular eggs
  • Vinegar
  • 2 Packages of food coloring
  • Bowls (one for each dye color)
  • Large pot
  • Spoon
  • Kitchen gloves


Start by placing all of your eggs in a large pot. Fill your pot with water until it is covering all of the eggs. Bring to a boil and then turn off the heat. Place a lid on your pot and let the eggs cook for 5 minutes.

While you are waiting for your water to boil, start preparing the dyes. Add two bottles of each food coloring into its own separate bowl. Dissolve the dye with ½ a cup hot water and give it a stir. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to each bowl. Fill your bowls with warm water (enough to cover your eggs).

Fold your Playsilk lengthwise. Start with the yellow dye and the middle section of your Playsilk. Dip the middle third of your Playsilk in the yellow dye. Wring out with your hands (we recommend using gloves, as food coloring will gently dye your skin). 


Dip one end of the silk in the red dye - watch as the red overlapping the yellow makes orange. Wring out this side. 

Dip the other end of the silk in blue - making green as the blue overlaps the yellow. Wring out this side.

To make purple - dip the very end of the blue silk in the red dye bowl. Wring out.

Give your Playsilk a light rinse in the sink. It is helpful to try and rinse each section of color separately so the colors don't bleed. Ring out and place them outside on a clothesline to dry. Once dry, iron your Playsilks to make them shiny and smooth.


Now you may place your eggs in the bowls of dye, let sit until the color of the egg is to your liking! When ready, take them out and place them on paper towel to dry.

If you wish to use natural dyes to dye your Playsilks, follow along here!

Time for rainbow Easter baskets and egg hunts!

Sarah & Madlyn

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