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Face Painting

Face Painting

Face Painting

Face Painting

Earth-Friendly Costume Creation
October 7th, 2021


Creating sustainable, open-ended costumes is an important part of Halloween for Sarah and our Sarah's Silks community. Using a Playsilk as a cape and adding simple face paint as the final touch to your child's costume can be a wonderful earth-friendly option this Halloween.




What You'll Need:

  • Paintbrushes in several different sizes
  • Face paint (We used Pro-paint by Graftobian).

When choosing the color of your face paint, keep in mind the animal or character your child is dressing-up as. We went with black because it fit well with all three of our animal costumes. The zebra has horizontal lines across the cheeks and vertical lines across the forehead and chin. The fox has a little black nose and whiskers. And the cheetah has spots on the forehead and hands and a little black nose.

By keeping the face paint simple you can have your child participate as well. Being involved in creating their own costume makes Halloween even more special for your little one!





  • Hello! Is there any way to purchase these marvelous Halloween animal silks? I would love to gift a set for a young friend’s upcoming birthday in early October when he will be turning 5. Thanks so much for all you contribute to the beauty of creativity!!! In gratitude, Maryam

    Maryam Mermey on

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