Make a Silk Gnome

Make a Silk Gnome

Make a Silk Gnome
Create your own enchanting silk gnome, a whimsical friend for your home.
This simple guide will lead you through the steps to craft a charming silk gnome, perfect for infusing your space with a touch of fairy-tale wonder or as a unique handmade gift.

You will need:

Six Small Pieces of Silk or you may choose to buy our Scrap Bag
Wooden Peg People
Glue Stick




Use glue stick on hat and body of gnome

Stick your silk pieces to your gnome to create your gnome's hat and cape.


Cut a small strip of silk to make your gnome's tie. 

Enjoy small world play with your gnomes! Pairs beautifully with our Waldorf Mini Playstand.

We hope you enjoy this fun, summer craft!

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