Playsilk Sizes and Weights

Playsilk Sizes and Weights

Playsilk Sizes and Weights

Which Playsilk Should I choose?

Find the right Playsilk for your child!


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Playsilks are available in 4 sizes and 2 weights. Our sizes are Mini, Classic, Giant, and Double. The 2 silk weights are 5 momme and 8 momme. Momme is a unit of measurement for silk weight, with a larger number relating to a thicker and heavier silk. Whether your little one takes Playsilks outside to build a tree fort, makes magical Dress-up pieces, or just cuddles with them, there is a perfect Playsilk just for you!

Mini Playsilk

Our smallest size is the Mini Playsilks. They are 21 inches x 21 inches and 5 momme. Because Mini Playsilks are 5 momme they are light weight and perfect for babies and young children. A Mini Playsilk also makes a lovely scarf, headband, or kerchief.

Classic Playsilk

Our classic Playsilk is the first Playsilk Sarah dyed! Classic Playsilks are 35 inches x 35 inches and are made of a 5 momme silk. Because of their weight, these silks are perfect for creating dress-ups, twirling with, using for small world play, and making into doll slings.

Giant Playsilk

Giant Playsilks are 70 inches x 30 inches and are the second largest size Playsilk. They are 8 momme, which is a thicker and heaver silk weight. Their weight and size make Giant Playsilks perfect for fort building and outdoor play! We recommend using Playclips and Playframes with the Giant Playsilks for the perfect fort.

Double Playsilk

Our largest Playsilk size is the Double Playsilk! Measuring 54 inches x 108 inches and having a weight of 8 momme, the Double Playsilk is idea for building large forts. The double Playsilk's heavier weight makes it perfect for outdoor play and also makes a wonderful canopy over any bed.

We hope this helps you find your perfect Playsilk!



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