Green Halloween

Green Halloween

Green Halloween
"You were once a yellow pumpkin 
sitting on a sturdy vine,
Now you are a Jack-o'-lantern,
let your little light shine."

Here at Sarah's Silks we love celebrating festivals! Halloween is a fun one that can be spent doing activities all month that are out in nature and nurturing for young children.

Wonderful ideas for a green, earth-friendly Halloween include pumpkin patch visits, followed by pumpkin carving and baking and eating pumpkin treats. Long walks gathering fall leaves and acorns. Baking bread, making candles, sitting by the fire, and of course, dressing up!

Playsilks are one of the best, most creative tools for making your own costume. We've seen children use them to become ghosts, witches, genies, flying machines, almost anything you can imagine can be created (with a bit of added magic) with a special colored Playsilk. 

Adding Face Paint makes even more characters possible - think tiger stripes on cheeks paired with a tiger Playsilk. 

Trick-or-treat baskets are another great earth-friendly way to stay away from plastics. Baskets are beautiful and will be used over and over in many ways.


  • My adult sister is using Sarah’s unicorn play silk costume to dress up with her kids (also a big hit with them)! I also recently gifted my nieces the dollhouse playsilk and just had the thought that it could be used as a dollhouse / doll costume!

    Kayleigh King on

  • We are making all our Halloween decorations from recycled and natural materials: bats from brown bags, ghosts from saved tissue paper, witches and gnomes from whittled sticks and brooms from twigs and greenery. Crafting and decorating is a fun way to shift the focus away from the buying and candy.
    My Kindergartner learned to finger knit this year, so she has been working away on her Rapunzel hair for months. We are planning to wear a silk rainbow crown to keep all this hair in place for her costume !

    Joanna on

  • Every year we celebrate the season with long walks to appreciate all the changes the season brings.
    We are currently learning how to over winter our worm compost bins so we will have lots of good stuff for next year’s garden.
    Our costumes are always made, borrowed, or thrifted so that we can reduce our footprint and costs. With 4 kids in costumes lots of pieces are repurposed from one year to the next!

    Marnie Becker-Baratta on

  • My son is going to be a colorful rainbow ghost this year, using several playsilks tied all around him.

    Nicolia Jiraff on

  • We used playsilks to create bird wings and my 4 year old daughter painted her own face as her own interpretation of a birds face and beak.

    Annah on

  • I love all the wonderful traditions and ideas posted here!

    My girls want to be cat fairies this year (combining their two favorite things!). I’ve thrifted a few things for their costumes, but ordered silk fairy skirts which I’m very excited about, and am making ribbon headbands and felt wands. I love helping them make their costumes come to life each year.

    Rebekah Donohue on

  • I couldn’t edit my original message but I forgot to add a back up costume my husband and I have for our baby girl. I
    found a tutorial on how to make a mushroom cap hat for our little girl to be a mushroom this year. My husband and I are looking forward to seeing how it turns out. We hope she loves it! 🍄 Just in case we don’t have enough time to make the mushroom cap hat then we have an old witch hat of mine, a felt wand, and a silk as a cape so she can be a little witch. 🧙🏼‍♀️

    Selena on

  • We love to read fall stories in a huge pile of leaves. We will rake up a big pile and pretend to make it a comfy leaf sofa. Grab your most beloved fall tales, snuggle in a blanket and soak in an extra special Storytime session. 🍁

    Alyssa Conklin-Moore on

  • My son adored the Moon when he was 2.5 yrs old. I created a half moon costume for him. From cardboard I cut the half moon shape, which was nearly his same height. We painted it white and drew a simple face. My son was able to easily wear it, and walk, by tying on a yarn strap criss cross. Adding a white coat and blue corduroy pants that I embroidered with gold and silver stars was perfect! I sewed his pointed hat with thrifted fabric of cows jumping over moons, adding a silver cardboard star on the tassel.

    Shell on

  • I’ve never bought a Halloween costume and always make my own. I have recycled my peacock costume for my kiddo’s first Halloween and he wants to wear it again this year to my surprise. Another favorite is Autumn, just use clothing in earth/fol colors and with a double tape attach leaves to random places. I also make crown from picked leaves and add fall flowers to it as well.

    Kristy on

  • We use something we already have for trick or treating rather than buying a Halloween specific bucket or bag.

    Amy on

  • Making costumes out of costumes we already have, using scarves for capes, head wraps, skirts, and making costumes like we used to before all characters had a pre-made $50 costume on a rack!

    Amy on

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