Green Halloween

Green Halloween

Green Halloween
"You were once a yellow pumpkin 
sitting on a sturdy vine,
Now you are a Jack-o'-lantern,
let your little light shine."

Here at Sarah's Silks we love celebrating festivals! Halloween is a fun one that can be spent doing activities all month that are out in nature and nurturing for young children.

Wonderful ideas for a green, earth-friendly Halloween include pumpkin patch visits, followed by pumpkin carving and baking and eating pumpkin treats. Long walks gathering fall leaves and acorns. Baking bread, making candles, sitting by the fire, and of course, dressing up!

Playsilks are one of the best, most creative tools for making your own costume. We've seen children use them to become ghosts, witches, genies, flying machines, almost anything you can imagine can be created (with a bit of added magic) with a special colored Playsilk. 

Adding Face Paint makes even more characters possible - think tiger stripes on cheeks paired with a tiger Playsilk. 

Trick-or-treat baskets are another great earth-friendly way to stay away from plastics. Baskets are beautiful and will be used over and over in many ways.
Share your Green Halloween celebration and costume ideas below to win a $100 Gift Card, three winners will be randomly chosen on November 1st. 

Ashley is the winner! 
Thanks everyone for your lovely entries 🎃

Here’s her share: Oct 7 at 4:52 am
My son wants to be a tree frog. I got him green pajamas and red gloves. I also got him a green hat and glued 2 1/2 foam balls on top that I painted into eyes. He uses his small basket for his treats.
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  • My best green costume suggestion comes from when I was a kid. I wore my great grandmother’s wool bathing suit from the early 1900s (2 pieces, but NOT a bikini!) and put my hair up in a bun so I looked like a bathing Gibson Girl. Nothing greener than wearing vintage clothes and giving them a new purpose in life.

    Rebecca S on

  • We make our costumes every year out of bits we already have or pieces of clothing we can keep using afterward like a hoodie or pajamas.

    Erin on

  • We love to weave baskets with tall grass and branches and use them to set out treats for trick or treaters while we are out door to door. We have homemade cloth bags that watch kid has from their first Halloween themed to match their very first Halloween costume. We try to go to second hand stores to find costume elements or full costumes so we can recycle and reuse plus it makes it all more creative and fun.

    Alisha R on

  • My 5 year old daughter really wanted to dress like a black kitty, and as we were planning (wearing a black shirt and pants, her black boots, and making ears and a tail and then adding face paint) I realized it would be so simple to do the same thing, so now her father and I are joining in as a family of kitty cats. We use pillow cases for trick or treating in a creative eco friendly manner. We use old white pillowcases and draw on ghost faces to fill up with treats.

    Shayla Workman on

  • My daughter (8) is having fun putting together her own costume around her green silk fairy wings. She wants to be tinker bell and found a dress dress in her closet, wants to paint her ballet slippers green and add a cotton ball to the end. I love her creativity and using what we have to make her own costume

    Laurie on

  • I made cloth draw bags for our kids trick or treat bags they can reuse every year. We also find our costumes at thrift stores/make them. We usually try to incorporate pieces they can wear anytime of year.

    Cassandra Severson on

  • I made cloth draw bags for our kids trick or treat bags they can reuse every year. We also find our costumes at thrift stores/make them. We usually try to incorporate pieces they can wear anytime of year.

    Cassandra Severson on

  • Our handicraft 2 years ago was learning how to knit. My younger daughter had the greatest idea to knit pumpkin bags for Halloween. We have used them the last 2 years and are planning to use them again this year. Our costumes are also usually upcycled items as well. This year my 6 yr old has made his own robot costume out of recycled boxes.

    Jessica on

  • We reuse our baskets each year. I like to look to see what local families are giving costumes away so that we aren’t buying new costumes every year. Also our local rec center created a costume swap.

    Brianna Franzese on

  • My daughter and I are sewing white skirt and layering a dark silk for a zombie costume!

    Danielle L Larkin on

  • Last year my son wanted to be a witch for Halloween and we found a dress and hat in the colors that he liked for only 3€ at a garage sale, he was so happy with it! This year I will make him a dinosaur sweater with pines on the back that he will be able to wear as a regular sweater, and use a playsilk in the same color to cover his legs. We do not trick or treat, but we have a not-so-scary-movie-night, a themed lunchbox, play activities like sensory bins and my kids do get some Halloween candy in a bag that they re-use every year.

    Wendy on

  • I found a tutorial on how to make a mushroom cap hat for our little girl to be a mushroom this year. My husband and I are looking forward to seeing how it turns out. We hope she loves it! 🍄

    Selena on

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