Halloween Switch Witch

When my boys were small they enjoyed trick-or-treating but I didn't want them to eat all that candy. My friend told me about the Halloween Elf who takes away the candy and leaves a toy in its place. I thought that was a great idea. We let them choose a few pieces then put the rest out by the doorstep at night and in the morning a new toy would be in its place!

Since then I've heard about this tradition from many other parents. Some call it the Halloween Fairy or Switch Witch.

What does your family do?

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I first learned of the switch witch from mamanatural, I immediately ordered the book and doll and it has saved me so much worry. Plus I don’t have to sneak candy into the trash for a week now 🤐


This year, we are planning to let our kids eat a decent amount on Halloween and then the rest will get turned into a service project with friends.


This is the first year I’ve heard of the Halloween fairy or halloween elf! I made Up a little story about it and told it to my boys and they’re all for it!! Right away they’re like okay!! I’ll give the fairy my candy! Yes!! #momwin


When I was little, my parents didn’t take me trick-or-treating, so there was not a huge stockpile of candy to ditch. They took me to the movies instead. It was the only time of year that we got to purchase a candy treat at the theater. I actually loved having the entire movie theater just for my family. I thought it was so exclusive when I was a kid!


We do this! But we call it “Halloween Fairies”. They take the pile of candy to ogres in need, and as a thank you, they replace it with healthier fare, and a few little toys too.


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