Halloween Switch Witch

Halloween Switch Witch

Halloween Switch Witch

When my boys were small they enjoyed trick-or-treating but I didn't want them to eat all that candy. My friend told me about the Halloween Elf who takes away the candy and leaves a toy in its place. I thought that was a great idea. We let them choose a few pieces then put the rest out by the doorstep at night and in the morning a new toy would be in its place!

Since then I've heard about this tradition from many other parents. Some call it the Halloween Fairy or Switch Witch.

What does your family do?

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  • We look to the seasonal change where there are fewer and fewer flowers for the bees to make honey. So we help the Sugar Fairies who take care of the honey bees. Our girls leave out their Halloween candy and have this do-good feeling about “helping” the bees. They get a small gift, usually a book for each of them, as a gesture of gratitude from the Sugar Fairy. ❤️

    Editha Tendencia on

  • We do switch witch too. They trick or treat, then swap out for my treat basket which has fair trade candy with less junk in them. Plus a small toy or two, like a small Lego set.

    Elisabeth on

  • We try to attend parties and celebrations which focus more on activities (face painting, games, dancing) and leave trick or treating just for Halloween evening. When the kids go to sleep we remove some candy and I send it to work with my husband! So far they haven’t noticed a decline in their amount of treats! 😊

    Vanessa Nelson on

  • Last year was the first year my daughter was old enough to trick or treat and she totally loved it. Our neighborhood blocks the streets to be pedestrian only and its a big party. I was allowing her a little candy each day and wondering how to ditch the enormous stash when someone told me about the Switch Witch. So, she visited a few days late last year, but this year she is gonna be on time! I do hate the waste of throwing away the candy that people paid for but the ritual of gathering is so much fun.

    Laura on

  • We take our boys (twins, age 8 and a half) trick or treating multiple places each year. We let them choose a few treats from what they get trick-or-treating. But some types we swap out for healthier versions, like organic dye-free suckers, or Annie’s bunny fruit snacks, so they can feel like they’re having treats like the other kids, but without eating ingredients we usually avoid. Honestly most of the candy they collect goes into work with my husband, and he shares it there!

    Kim on

  • My daughter has not gone trick or treating yet. She is just 2. When I was a kid we never did much trick or treating either because we lived in the country. Instead we spent the day playing games and making our own Halloween treats.

    Rachael Jones on

  • We haven’t tried switching it out yet, but would love to win this giveaway to purchase few beautiful silks so we could give it a try! 💕💕

    Desiree Pearson on

  • As a “Nana” I still love Halloween! I decorate my house and have fog with scary music. My grandchildren help me pass out candy after their trick or treating time. They are allowed to keep some of their favorite candy then the rest is for the Halloween elf. I like the Switch Witch idea better!

    Dolores on

  • We only tick or treat for a short time. Like an hour at most then we ration the candy until Xmas. I have never heard of a switch witch or a sugar pixie until this year. It’s a very interesting concept. However our family doesn’t believe in Santa, tooth fairies, and Easter Bunny. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Christa Carey on

  • We keep a few items to decorate gingerbread houses at Christmas time but the kids don’t eat any of them and then I always switch out the rest for art supplies and sometimes mini Lego sets.

    Amy St John on

  • We keep a few items to decorate gingerbread houses at Christmas time but the kids don’t eat any of them and then I always switch out the rest for art supplies and sometimes mini Lego sets.

    Amy St John on

  • I keep the candy bars (the only time of the year we eat them) and replace everything else with some TJ lollies or savory snacks. The kids don’t mind, but I like the idea of giving the process a name – Switch Witch it is! :)

    Tania on

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