Halloween Switch Witch

When my boys were small they enjoyed trick-or-treating but I didn't want them to eat all that candy. My friend told me about the Halloween Elf who takes away the candy and leaves a toy in its place. I thought that was a great idea. We let them choose a few pieces then put the rest out by the doorstep at night and in the morning a new toy would be in its place!

Since then I've heard about this tradition from many other parents. Some call it the Halloween Fairy or Switch Witch.

What does your family do?

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I’ve never heard of this! Of course, we didn’t do Halloween when I was little.

I always just eat all the extra candy myself ;)

Ashley Angell

We recently moved to California from Russia and it is actually the first time we will be participating in Halloween activities. I struggle with explaining the concept of trick or treating to my daughter), so I will probably need to join her). She asked me to Anna to her Elsa).


We stop trick or treating earlier. We just go to fewer houses. It helps that in our neighborhood the houses participating are fewer between.


I love the idea of a Halloween fairy! I think I will try that this year. In the past we have had the kids choose a certain amount of candy that will be their own to eat, and the rest goes into a family stash, which disappears at some point. I love the idea of getting rid of the stash all together and replacing it with a special gift. My kids are super into the magic of fairies right now, so I know they’d eat this idea right up! (Haha!)


When I was little my mom used to decorate my whole room with Halloween decor and chocolate in every single place in my room and wait for me to come home and she would tell me the Halloween Fairy did it and I have since passed it down to my two girls. We love the Halloween Fairy. ✨ I want their life to always be full of magic.

Kristina K.

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