How To Make A Nature Table

How To Make a Nature Table

Celebrating the Season

A nature table is a celebration of the season and a beautiful way to make space for treasures you find outside. Whether you're using it as a sensory learning tool for little ones or simply love nature in your home, they are a great way to brighten up a room!

We have collected rocks and wrapped them in jewel tone wool yarn. Simple crafts with found treasures can be a great project for the whole family. The rocks are nestled in an old bird's nest that we knew was abandoned. When hunting for treasure in nature it is important that we aren't disturbing the creatures who live around us!

A candle on your nature table is a lovely way to bring light into the space. Candles are especially warming during shorter days of winter.

Flowers are a staple for nature tables. Whether they are a full bouquet of wild flowers or simple dandelions, flowers bring color and joy to your nature table. Even in the middle of winter a bouquet of dried flowers can be a stunning addition.

The wreath that tops the three Playcottons is made from a small willow branch. The addition of art that has been collected or hand made is a great way to inspire creativity. By making something lovely for your nature table, little ones can look forward to displaying something they are proud of creating.

We hope you are inspired to create your own nature table this season!




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