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Apple Printed Playsilks

Apple Printed Playsilks

Apple Printed Playsilks

Apple Printed Playsilks

A Simple Holiday Craft with White Playsilks


Making handmade gifts for the holidays is a wonderful way to enjoy the season with your children and inspire creativity. One of Sarah's favorite winter crafts is making handmade, reusable wrapping paper with white Playsilks.

What You'll Need:


Cut your apples in half. Your child will find a beautiful star shape inside! You may also use potatoes to print and make shapes on your Playsilks. For older children, it's fun to carve more complicated stamps.


    Cover your work station with paper to protect your table.


    Brush a thin layer of paint onto your apple or potato stamps. Press your stamp onto your Playsilk. Gently remove your stamp to see your beautiful design!

    After you have finished stamping your Playsilk, remove from your work station and hang to dry.



    Now you may use your handmade Playsilk to wrap gifts, decorate, or use in magical holiday play!


      Happy apple printing!



    Sarah and Madlyn



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