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How to Wash Playsilks

How to Wash Playsilks

How to Wash Playsilks

 All of our silks, fairy dresses, skirts, silk wings, rainbow blankets and other silk toys can be hand washed in the sink, bathtub or a basin. 

Here is how:

Use shampoo or dish soap and warm water. 

Get them soaked and soapy. It's better to wash each playsilk separately in case some of the dye runs. They should be colorfast but occasionally one of the darker colors might run a little bit. If this is a problem you can add some vinegar to the rinse. Vinegar is the solvent we use when dyeing. It makes the dye take to the silk.

Scrub gently and rinse until the water runs clear.

Silk looks pretty when wet and it feels interesting. Most children enjoy the experience of washing their playsilks.

Hang the wet silk outside to dry in the sun. We made a makeshift clothesline.

Let your Mom or Dad help you iron on medium setting. It makes the silk shiny!

Afterwards play with your silks again!

You can store your dressups and silks in a basket or hang them on hooks on the wall. Some people hang them from the bannister on their stairs which looks pretty.

It's best to keep them out of the sun because they are a natural fiber and will fade and eventually break down in sunlight. 

We hope you love your playsilks as much as we do!



  • My comment is not being posted nor answered.

    Erika Ripchick on

  • My silks shrank quite a bit washing it this way. Is there a way to unshrink them?

    Erika on

  • my kids like the feel of the silk when its wet. we took it in the pool with us!

    Nancy on

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