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Sarah's Silks Product Film by Don Prouty from joy prouty on Vimeo.

I spent last week with Joy and Don Prouty and 24 small children (plus parents) at the beach and redwood forest playing, filming and sharing. Joy has a way of bringing out peoples' stories; she asks deep questions and sincerely wants to know the "why" "how" and "heart' of things. 

As I told her my childhood favorite memories of pretending with my sister, how my husband and I met and grew our family and business together, she listened deeply and reflected on the themes running through my life. In this way she helped me see myself and my journey in a new light. 

Being with young children's always invigorating as well. Watching their delight in finding new ways to play with our silks and wooden toys filled me up with happiness and gave me lots of ideas for new products. You can have a peek at the fun we had in the video above.

Keep watch here as Joy and I plan to partner up to create a monthly video blog post about childhood play and the imagination.