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July's Nature Table

July's Nature Table

July's Nature Table

Light & Warmth

June 27th, 2020

“Put your hands out as you sit by a stream,
What is your Fairy Wish, what do you dream?
Look to the sky and see what is there,
Catch your Fairy Wish floating in the air!"

~ Betty Jones

SUMMER DAYS ARE long and full of light and warmth. Outdoor activities are calling the children. It's wonderful to explore forests, beaches, and nature in our own backyards, always remembering to notice the magic in the small things - a ladybug, a dandelion wishing flower, a small garden snake. And as we come in from our adventures we can bring bits and pieces such as a flower, pine cone or small tree branch to adorn our nature tables and give our eyes a place to rest in our home.

Annabelle exploring the nature table wearing our Silk Wings in Forest paired with our Silk Garland in Forest.

Share your nature table inspiration with us in the comment section below to enter to win one of our July Nature Table Playsilk sets.
The winner will be randomly chosen on Saturday, July 4th.


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