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Waldorf in Color

Waldorf in Color

Waldorf in Color

Waldorf in Color

July 19th, 2020

As a black mother, the beauty of diversity lies within me everyday as I navigate our community representing one of the few families of color."

~ Sabine Josephs

AS THE LOVING breath of the earth surrounds us each day, the opportunity to become aware of our beautifully, diverse world is presented to us, in all its gifts of nature, animals and human beings.

As a black mother, the beauty of diversity lies within me everyday as I navigate our community representing one of the few families of color. Over the past few years, I have helped guide my family in embracing the pedagogy of Waldorf education, while working to expand diversity in the Waldorf community.

Along my journey, I became aware of the limited choices of crayons that held a loving consciousness for the earth, but also honored our diverse world. Slowly, the desire for my daughter to have the tools to create art that embraced the beautiful people we share the earth with, grew stronger and stronger. And in the true nature of my being, I set out to create crayons myself. Day and night, trial after trial, I worked to create 8 crayons that represented a handful of skin tones that opened the door to a wider range of artistic possibilities. My crayons were born, and new artistic roads were paved and ready to be explored.

When we embrace the diversity of human beings, we are allowing ourselves to live fully and receive all the tools that connect us to joy, love and true abundance. The mission of Waldorf in Color, and the diversity crayons, is to nurture the growth of the many seeds of inclusion that accompany me daily, as I navigate through the philosophies of Rudolph Steiner and Waldorf education. What are the challenges I face when moving through this pedagogy? How can I bring clarity to the benefits of my inner work, and also present the opportunity for others to embrace the benefits of their own inner work? It is when we commit to our inner work, we can truly come together, in full consciousness, to support the growth and development of the magical children in our community.

"When I was a young mother I wished my Asian-European children were offered brown and black crayons in Waldorf kindergarten and that there was more diversity in the offerings at their school." ~ Sarah

I invite you to work on this simple exercise that you can do everyday to bring awareness to the beauty of diversity that surrounds you, no matter what community you live in. 

Take a visual scan of the trees that surround you - do this for 1 minute.
Then, take notice of the tree that holds the most beauty. 
Once you have noticed your beautiful tree, move your eye away and look at another tree.
Can you identify the characteristic of the 2nd tree that made it less beautiful than the 1st?
Now, can you find the beauty in the 2nd tree, so that it becomes just as beautiful as the 1st?

Identifying and acknowledging differences, then finding the beauty in those differences. This is the power that lives within each one of us. With this power, we hold the ability to guide our next generation forward with the seeds of inclusion, and the inner momentum to always embrace the world around them with open and loving hearts.

Guest writer Sabine Joseph

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