Making a Summer Nature Table

Making a Summer Nature Table

Making a Summer Nature Table

Making a Summer Nature Table

July 28th, 2021

Seasonal rituals have always felt to me like an invitation to go back to the drawing board; erase the scribbles and worn edges of months past and begin anew with a bright, blank canvas. Reluctant to commit to ‘New Years Resolutions,’ I’d prefer to set intentions all year round and seasonal altars or nature tables are a great way to involve your little ones in the turning of the wheel.


 External markers of time-deadlines; longer daylight hours; and the looming of future events- don’t resonate with children the same way that they do with adults, so special activities like building a nature table can help little ones adjust to a new season or prepare for a change in routine

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Invite your child to gather treasures during a walk, or choose items from around your home that remind them of Summer. When I was younger, one of my favorite traditions was keeping our nature altar stocked with a rotation of seasonally-themed picture books - often Blueberries for Sal in the Summer, and Jan Brett’s The Mitten   in Winter. Ask your little one which colors, plants, and foods make them “feel” like Summertime - you might include fresh mint leaves and watermelon seeds on your nature table.


Sarah & Aila

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