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Playsilks with Claire Guarry

Playsilks with Claire Guarry

Playsilks with Claire Guarry

Playsilks with Claire Guarry


July 13th, 2021 

We have been so inspired by Claire's photography for companies like Mabo as well as the beautiful personal work on her Instagram. We sent her children our Earth Playsilks to play with in San Francisco, and loved the images and imaginative play she captured.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born and raised almost 40 years ago in a small village in the south west of France. I now live in San Francisco, by the ocean.

How long have you been doing photography and what inspires your work?

I have always been taking pictures; I started doing commissioned projects only a few years ago though, until it gradually became my job. I have traveled a lot, and lived in different places, different countries as an adult. Even now that we are more settled, I regularly feel the urge to go somewhere unknown and capture how it makes me feel more than how it looks like. It can be very far way from home or only an hour trip. I love all kinds of traveling and it’s a huge source of inspiration for me. Quite obviously when you see my work, children are another one. There’s something so raw about childhood that I can’t help wanting to capture. And there’s fashion, women, colors, flesh, movement, intimacy, textures... And of course the light. It’s almost always about the light! It’s hard to stop the list. There’s so much I feel inspired by.

Do you like the Playsilks? What did your children think of them?

I love the simplicity of the play silks; the noble material, the grace they move with, the transparent colors. My daughter loves wrapping them around things she loves, my youngest son enjoys wearing them as capes or having them tied to a stick so they suddenly become something new. They also have fun simply holding them in the wind and create shapes.

What were your favorite things to play when little?

I didn’t have siblings until I was ten; I think I had a rich internal world and was constantly creating stories with small dolls and objects that I would find in my grand ma’s attic. And I used to draw all the time.

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