Playsilks at the River

Playsilks at the River

July 9th, 2021
Tucked away in a quiet town in West Sonoma County, Sarah spends many evenings walking to the Russian River, a watershed home to an ecosystem of diverse wildlife, including river otters, Steelhead trout, Great Blue Herons, and so much more! Here she finds calm moments, and time to reflect and deepen her connection to the natural wild. This week we brought our Rainbow Playsilks to a playdate at the Russian River, where Sarah and the children explored play ideas with Playsilks in water! 

Sarah showed Chloe and Lilli how to make bubbles in the water by trapping air in the Playsilk then placing it lightly on the water's surface - the bubbles became a rainbow jellyfish!

Then, they used a Giant Playsilk to make a rainbow dragon that swam through the river. The two sisters invented their own ideas too. Lilli found a stick to use as a fishing pole, to catch a rainbow fish, and Chloe made her Playsilk into a water ball that she threw into the air.

After we were done playing in the water we hung the Playsilks on a nearby tree to dry. One of the many wonderful qualities of real silk is that it dries so quickly! Its anti-microbial properties make it safe for play after going into the water.

Once her Rainbow Playsilk dried, Chloe wore it as a cape and pretended to be a river queen.



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