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Make A May Day Playsilk Ring

Make A May Day Playsilk Ring

Make A May Day Playsilk Ring

Make a May Day Playsilk Ring!

May Day is such a wonderful day to celebrate! Fresh flower garlands, strawberry shortcake and dancing around a Maypole are all ways people have celebrated spring's arrival for many years.

Making a Maypole can be overwhelming so here is a simple way to make a May Day Playsilk Ring for your family, homeschool group or preschool using our Playsilks and May Day Ring. Songs to accompany your celebration are below!

We’re Dancing Around the Maypole High:
 Here We Go Round the Maypole High:


What You'll Need:



Begin by tying your Playsilks through each hole, one Playsilk for each child to hold onto. To celebrate spring, we chose to use pastel Playsilks and wear Blossom and Rainbow Silk Dress-ups!

Next you may add beauty to your May Day Playsilk Ring by weaving flowers around your ring.

We recommend having at least three May Day dancers, but you may have up to eight dancers in total!

Take your May Day Playsilk Ring to an open space, or hang from a tree with plenty of space around it. Have each dancer hold onto their Playsilk with some tension.

After May Day celebrations are over, turn your Ring into a canopy for a cozy play space or hang over your child's bed!

Happy May Day!

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  • I really love your songs. Do you have the music and lyrics to these songs? I would love to do them with my little ones

    Dianne Syal on

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