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100 Things To Do With a Playsilk

100 Things To Do With a Playsilk

100 Things To Do With a Playsilk

100 Things To Do With A Playsilk!

Print and read aloud to your child or let them follow along with the pictures included here! Download and print 50 Things To Do With Playsilks

Dress-up with Playsilks!

  1. Make a cape and become a superhero, queen, or king!
  2. Wear as a skirt and become a princess
  3. Use as a veil draped over your hair
  4. Make a wedding dress
  5. Tie two together to make genie pants
  6. Wrap around both legs as a mermaid tail
  7. Braid to make Rapunzel hair
  8. Fashion a tunic by tying two sides over one shoulder
  9. Drape as a wizard cloak
  10. Wear one while cooking as a chef apron
  11. Drape over your head and become a ghost
  12. Tie a belt for your sword
  13. Wear a sling for your doll
  14. Wrap on your head and give a fortune reading
  15. Use as a head scarf to be a little old lady
  16. Tie a pirate scarf
  17. Pretend to be a fashion designer and create outfits
  18. Make karate headband/arm bands/leg bands
  19. Tie diagonal corners to each wrist to make wings


Decorate with Playsilks!

  1. Make a colorful bunting
  2. Decorate a birthday table
  3. As a sunshade in the car/cover a window
  4. Cover a Playstand
  5. Decorate your bedroom or staircase
  6. Hang it over your bed
  7. Drape as a tablecloth
  8. Use as gift wrap
  9. Use as a backdrop for theater performances
  10. Drapery for nature tables
  11. Hang in a doorway as a curtain

Pretend with Playsilks!

  1. Sail a boat on a blue Playsilk
  2. Parachute play for a teddy bear
  3. Pretend to be in a cocoon all wrapped up then burst into a butterfly
  4. Make red fire from the mouth of a dragon
  5. Use as a blanket for a doll
  6. Baby carrier for your doll or stuffed animal 
  7. Become a jellyfish
  8. Color matching with our Rainbow Playsilk
  9. Use yellow as the sun
  10. Pretend it's nighttime with a Star Playsilk
  11. Use as a sling for pretend broken arms
  12. Make a nature play scene- ice, green grass, yellow sand, blue water
  13. Lay them on the ground and jump from one to another-"hot lava”
  14. Act out a story
  15. Build a pirate ship with flag
  16. Mix up soup or a potion in a pot
  17. Pretend fire with sticks for your camping needs
  18. River under a bridge for a train to go over
  19. Use as a toy dog leash
  20. Blue water moat around a toy castle
  21. Tea party picnic blanket
  22. Use as a pretend bandage
  23. "Swim" on one
  24. Play fishing on a blue sea
  25. Play charades using only a Playsilk to act out the word/character

Explore with Playsilks!

  1. Build a fort outdoors with Playsilks
  2. Lay out your Playsilk on the grass for a picnic
  3. Throw your Playsilk in the sky and watch it float down
  4. Juggle two or three Playsilks
  5. Run in the wind 
  6. Get one wet, it feels interesting
  7. Take Playsilks on car trips - they pack small
  8. Tie onto two chairs to make a doll/animal hammock
  9. Collect seashells with one
  10. Attach to your swing so it flows in the wind behind you
  11. Make a flag by tying one on a stick
  12. Fly it in the wind at the beach like an easy kite
  13. Jump on a trampoline with a Playsilk tied on as a cape and watch it fly
  14. Using Playclips make a tent  
  15. Tie on bike handles and ride
  16. Attach them to a climbing dome/play structure
  17. Float in a swimming pool
  18. Run in a field holding one
  19. Scrunch them up and throw them up in the air

Create with Playsilks!

  1. Dance with one or two
  2. Build a cubby house with a box and Playsilk
  3. Use as a puppet show curtain
  4. Make a pouch
  5. Hang under a loft bed
  6. Knot into a simple doll 
  7. Tie onto a wooden ring as a safe teether
  8. Build a pillow fort
  9. Create a reusable "Green" Halloween costume
  10. Dye white Playsilks with food coloring or plants
  11. Make a tent with three tall sticks tied on top with a Playsilk

Learn with Playsilks!

  1. Practice tying knots and bow
  2. Use in yoga class
  3. Practice counting your Playsilks
  4. Tooth fairy gift
  5. Stuff them in a tissue box or ball with holes and let your child pull them out
  6. Use as color therapy and to learn your colors
  7. Sensory play
  8. Put it on a heater vent and watch it float up
  9. Go grocery shopping with a Playsilk ‘bag’
  10. Cuddle with your favorite Playsilk
  11. Wrap yourself in a rainbow if you feel sad
  12. Hang over a baby to entertain them as they blow in the wind
  13. Wrap up your special treasures
  14. Play peek-a-boo with a baby
  15. Give a Playsilk to someone you love



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  • Place a wool dryer ball in center, wrap silk over the ball, and secure by tying right under the ball (or use a rubber band) to hold in place. As you toss the ball back and forth the silk streams out behind it. Can be a comet, or lava exploding, or jellyfish. Or play fox tail with it. Too soft and light to hurt if it hits someone.

    Becky on

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    Brianna on

  • As an artist and art teacher, I think solid white or colored Playsilks are excellent models for learning to draw draped or scrunched fabric. Position the fabric, draw it, as you see it, on drawing paper. Change the Playsilks for a different look, then, draw another picture. Repeatedly drawing the different forms develops observational skills and eye hand brain coordination.

    Laura Lee on

  • I keep a Playsilk in my bag so when we are out shopping or waiting at a restaurant I have something for my daughter to play with. It’s entertained her for many hours!

    Jennifer on

  • Capes! We would use them as capes, puppet show curtains, tie them to sticks for wands, and as lava/grass play! Thank you!

    ANEL on

  • Hanging with a lamp behind it to make a shadow puppet show or tied between two chairs as a tight rope/slack line for dolls and stuffed animals to walk/bounce across. The possibilities are endless <3

    Arielle on

  • I love all these ideas! My boys have been building forts with them and an extra set of silks and clips would be perfect! Thank you for the opportunity.

    Lucy Newhouse on

  • Twirl, leap and dance together with a friend.

    Becca on

  • Tie a mini on the end of a stick to be a magic wand! One could also make a lovely cozy nest for baby stuffed animals. The silks could be used for scavenger hunts or as a curtain and backdrop for puppet theater ❤💛💚💙💜

    Bonnie B on

  • It can be used as a knapsack to carry keepsakes found on adventures

    Amelia on

  • Use a rolled up orange silk as a giant carrot!

    Jan on

  • Hold it up to the light/sun and see how everything underneath it gets turned colors! Shine a flashlight through different colored silks for a special lighting effect.

    Stephanie B Kosonen on

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