May Flower Garlands

May Flower Garlands

May Flower Garlands

May Flower Garlands

A Simple Craft in Plant Weaving

May Day is a celebration of the blooming crops and flowers during the spring. In Waldorf schools May Day is celebrated by dancing around a maypole and making beautiful flower garlands. Weaving a simple flower garland may be a wonderful option for your little ones to celebrate the beauty of spring!

What You'll Need:

  • Wildflowers and plants - a long vine is particularly helpful
    for creating the garland
  • Scissors
  • Playsilks
  • Thick string or yarn


Gather the plants and flowers you would like to make your garland with. This is a great activity for getting children involved in the process. Wild flowers and leafy vines are great options for your garland.

It is helpful to start with a leafy vine that is long enough to fit the shape of the garland. Begin by braiding two long stemmed flowers or plants with the vine. Tuck more stems into the braid you have created and continue braiding the whole length of the vine. You may also wrap the stems around the vine, tucking them into other stems if you prefer not to braid them.

Once the garland is the desired length you may either tie the two ends together with the stems of the plants or use yarn or thread to make a sturdier knot.

Then tie a single Playsilk or even several Playsilks over the knot at the end of the garland. This will create a lovely silk veil!

Happy crafting!


Sarah & Madlyn

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