Meet Your Toymaker

Meet Your Toymaker

Meet Your Toymaker

Meet Your Toymaker

A journey into a California toy workshop
August 27th, 2021

We're excited to introduce our partnership with the CNC Shop, a woodworking company in Southern California that is helping to make our dream wooden toys come true!


We initially began working with the CNC Shop 5 years ago when they were located in Sonoma County just down the rod from us. As our partnership developed, they began making our Play Frame, Hoop, Play Clips, Play Houses, and Wooden Rainbow.

They are now making our Playstands, Waldorf Kitchens, Playsilks Displays, Weaving Boards and many more wooden toys

The CNC machine cuts out the shape of the Play Clips.

The CNC Shop minimizes as much waste as possible in the cutting and design process of our toys. Any sawdust or leftover wood pieces are donated locally to families in need of winter kindling.

Clark (left) & Dan (right) are both parents and have enjoyed being a part of the toy making process. True masters of their craft, Clark & Dan add beauty & craftsmanship throughout Sarah's design process.

“Knowing that these toys we’re making
are for children makes this truly a labor of love.”
~ Clark


Nearly all of our wooden toys are made of American grown Maple. Since no finish is used on our toys, the natural grain of the wood stands out beautifully.

We are so grateful for all of the hard work and care that is put into every wooden toy.



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