Regenerative Play - Sarah's Silks x Ōshadi Collective

Regenerative Play

Sarah's Silks x Ōshadi Collective

February 21st, 2022

We've partnered with the Ōshadi Collective to bring to life Sarah's dream of creating organic Playcottons through sustainable farming practices. Ōshadi, pronounced aw-sha-dhi, means ‘essence of nature’ or ‘healing plant’ in Sanskrit. Located in Erode, India, Ōshadi's mission is to create a seed to sew supply chain through regenerative farming.

Photo by @oshadi_collective

Regenerative farming is the practice of giving back more than you take from the land. By incorporating biodiversity, removing chemical pesticides, and increasing the soil's ability to capture carbon, regenerative cotton improves the quality of the land. These farming techniques are based on ancient Indian agricultural practices. Along with mindful farming, we are inspired by Ōshadi's ethical labor practices. By supporting ethically farmed cotton we are also supporting the community that is connected to the land.

Photo by @oshadi_collective

Each of our Playcottons are dyed using natural plant dyes. We are amazed at how bright and playful natural dyes can be!


We are so excited to introduce our Playcottons as a sturdy, colorful, soft-on-skin option for fort building and dress-up.



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