Magical Colors - Dyeing Eggs and Playsilks

Magical Colors - Dyeing Eggs and Playsilks

Magical Colors - Dyeing Eggs and Playsilks

Playsilk & Egg Dyeing


Spring is coming and with it I'm thinking about activities that are enjoyable to do outside with children. Dyeing eggs has always been a favorite activity in my home and many years ago I discovered that just about any dye that colors eggs will also color silk!



Vinegar is the "acid" that allows the color to adhere to the fabric (and egg shell) so when you set up to dye eggs this year you might consider trying your hand at dyeing your own Playsilks.


What you'll need:

  • Food coloring (all kinds seem to work)
  • Also check out Egg & Silk Dyeing with Food!
  • White vinegar
  • Large bowls and metal spoons
  • Warm water
  • A drying rack
  • White Playsilks - Available to purchase here

How to dye your own:

1. Fill each bowl with warm water (I suggest three colors- red, yellow and blue).

2. Add 2 TBSP of white vinegar.

3. Add the food coloring dye - decide how dark you want it by putting a white paper towel in to test.

4. Dye eggs first.



5. Dip your Playsilks into desired colors.




"Experimenting with color blending sparks joy and feels like magic."


6. You can over dye to see how the colors blend to make green (yellow and blue), orange (yellow and rose/red), purple (blue and rose/red). Experiment with making spots, tie dye by using rubber bands tied tightly around parts of the silk which will keep the color inside from being dyed.



7. Hang to dry (you can rinse if you want to but it isn't necessary).



8. When dry use a medium/hot iron to make them shiny.


Enjoy! Playsilks are an eco-friendly Easter basket idea. They are great as an Easter basket stuffer or liner, and they'll be used in many ways for open-ended play long after Easter is over.


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