Watercoloring Playsilks

Watercoloring Playsilks

Watercoloring Playsilks

Watercoloring Playsilks

Discover the Wonders of Watercolor on Silk

Children love learning to mix colors, and watercolor painting on silk is a beautiful way to encourage their curiosity! For millennia, silk painting has helped shape China's rich visual history. Silk is the oldest painting material, outdating both canvas and paper! Join us in this beautiful, ancient tradition of painting on silk.

What You'll Need:

  • White Playsilks for dyeing
  • Watercolor paints
  • Brushes in various sizes
  • Palette or jars for mixing
  • Jar of water to clean your brushes
  • Tape
  • Smooth background for painting on


Iron the wrinkles out of your Playsilk so it will lay flat while you are painting on it. Next, tape down the corners and sides of your Playsilk on a smooth surface.

Bring your watercolors to life with a bit of water and your paint brush, it’s fun to mix colors too! Gently brush on your desired colors and design.

You may also experiment with different ways of painting your Playsilks. Wetting your silk before painting it (called “wet on wet watercolor”) gives a more dreamy, soft look as the colors blend together.

For a tie-dye effect - try tying knots in your Playsilk and then painting it.

Once dry, untie the knots and enjoy the patterns of colors you have created!

When you are finished painting your Playsilks, hang to dry outside or in a safe place inside. Make you Playsilks shine by ironing them on a medium setting!

Happy watercoloring!


Sarah & Madlyn

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  • Will the colors wash out or transfer on to things?

    Star on

  • Beautiful. Is there a type of water color that works best? I’m guessing the washable ones, like Crayola, would not be great…what do you think?

    Cassandra on

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