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Golden light is turning gray,

mists begin to rule the day.
Bare the trees their branches lift,
clouds of dead leaves earthward drift.
Deep below, deep below, new life will spring!

Thru the field the farmer goes,
seeds of ripen'd corn she sows,
trusts the earth will hold it warm,
shelter it from cold and harm.
Deep below, deep below, new life will spring!

For she knows that warmth and light
live there hidden from our sight,
and beneath a shelt'ring wing,
deep below new life will spring.
Deep below, deep below, new life will spring!

October  27th, 2020


OUR NOVEMBER NATURE table is reminiscent of the autumn season in full swing all around us. The scene is set with a moonlit night sky, created with our Royal Playsilk. Our Desert Playsilk is used to represent a large, ancient tree, as it drops its changing leaves on the ground beneath, made with our Gold Playsilk. Here, little pumpkins and mushrooms grow happily together above the strong roots of the tree as they prepare for wintertime.

Annabelle exploring her nature table with a family of mushroom people.



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The winner will be randomly chosen on Wendesday, November 4th.